An OCRP set in a Harvest Moon based universe, but settles in an original setting and plot.
Following the citizens of Silver Town and it's freeloaders in their adventures and daily lives. A friendly roleplaying community focused around anything from romance to action, comedy to drama. But in the end, it's all their efforts, the citizens of Silver Town, that keep the Harvest Goddess up and well.

Anyone is welcome to join, but please read the rules before joining!

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hello! i was wondering if i could reserve the mailman

Of course! You’ve got 3 days to submit your application~.

-mod b

Alright, I've finished! I hope it's not too drastic (the story), but her name is slightly altered and the url has changed. Most other things are the same. Experiences and rp are also the same.

Alright~! ((wow this is really late omg))

-mod b

I want to sort of recreate Tamantha, so could I drop her and reserve the librarian again? I mean, it's essentially still her but I want to change some things (and it shouldn't really affect rp, but I hope this is okay first).

Ahh, that’s fine! You don’t really have to drop&re-reserve her, so just go ahead and fix what you need. Just send another message to the ML when you’re done so we can update the info!

-Mod b

the entertainer is here hiii

Welcome Welcome! Everyone, please follow the entertainer!

- Mod B

· arrival · riffoffs ·

Application for Entertainer Accepted!

Reservation for Wizard has expired

Reservation for Wizard from sailorchibiimoon has expired, and is now up for reservation again. If you (sailorchibiimoon) wish to reserve again, you may, though!

hiii id like to reserve the entertainer position its 1/05

Yes, yes of course! You have 3 days to submit your application!

-Mod b 

· reservation · ofuri ·

Application for Waitress Rejected

(If mun would like to know why, just send us an ask so we can message you our reasons. Feel free to apply again after you fixed these errors!)

i like to resurves as a waitress ( sorry i had to detete my charater because of my sister)

Okay, you have three days to submit your application.

-mod b

Hello! Would you mind me reserving the Wizard position?

Yes you may! You have three days to submit your application!

-Mod b

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